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About the artist Chiara Smirne

Chiara Smirne is an award-winning artist based in Italy whose paintings have been widely exhibited nationally, as well as in Spain, Germany, and the United States. She describes her works as representing "unreal scenarios inspired by dreams, memories, and fantasies". One of Smirne's main subjects is the urban landscape. What interests her is the portrayal of everyday life, which, upon closer examination, unveils glimpses of something fake. She endeavors to evoke "intimate, unconscious, and often irrational feelings".

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SOLO SHOW - Galerie Kuhn & Partner, Città aperta, Berlin. Curated by Stefano Cortina and Veronica Riva, June 2014 ​- Cortina Arte, Apparizioni e Assenze, Milan. Curated by Veronica Riva​, May 2013 MAIN GROUP EXHIBITION - Fusion.Art, 3rd Annual CityscapesArt Exhibition, Exhibition Finalists, Curated by Fusion Art, June 2018 - Spazio Natta, Paesaggi Umani. Con Giovanni Colombo, Carlo Ferreri, Lorenzo Pietrogrande e Chiara Smirne, Como. Curated By Francesco Raimondi and with the support of the Assessorato alla Cultura di Como and the Associazione Culturale Renzo Cortina. December 2016 - Museo Magma, Premio Marchionni 2016 - Premio Internazionale d'Arte Contemoporanea, Villacidro. Curated by Organizzazione Fondazione Estetica & Progresso. June 2016 - Chiostro Madonna dell'Orto, Premio Gambino 2015. Exhibition of the thirty finalist works, Venice. Curated by Associazione Culturale C.A.T., Venice. October 2015 - Palazzo delle Stelline, Banlieue, Milano. Curated by Federica Morandi, Associazione Culturale Artgallery, Milan and Institut Français, Milan. February 2015 - Atelier M.K. in Blu, Vibrazione della materia, MIlano. Curated by Francesca Bellola. October 2014 - DAMarte Gallery, DAMprize 2014. Exhibition of the thirty finalist works, Magenta - Milano. Curated by DAMarte. May 2014 - Amy-d Arte Spazio, Fragments, Milan. Curated by Caterina Seri, Ferdinando Ponti, Lucio Forte. November 2013 - Spazio Bipielle Arte, Quarta Biennale d'Arte di Lodi, Lodi. Curated by Associazione Monsignor Quartieri. November 2013 -January 2014 - Castello Estense, New Code, Ferrara. Curated by Associazione Culturale Pro Art. October2013 - Spazio Klien, Esposizione selezione Musae 2013, Trento. Curated by Musae (Museo Urbano Sperimentale di Arte Emergente). September 2013 - Angel Orensanz Foundation, The Story of the Creative, New York. Curated by (Artists Wanted). August 2013 ​- ArtMeet Gallery, Waiting for Expo 2013, Milan. Curated by ArtMeet. July 2013 - Artslant Showcase 2013 Contest, March​​ - Campary Gallery, Artgallery prize III edizione, Milan​. Curated by Associazione Artgallery. July 2012 - Domus Talenti Gallery, Arteggiamoci, Rome, May. Curated by Ilaria Pergolesi and Angelo Ribezzi for Artist in The World - Spazio Revel, Bazarte, Milan​. Curated by Anonimi Artisti. April 2012 - Eustachi Gallery, Concorso d'arte Epifania, Milan. Curated by the Gallery. January 2012 - International Mail Art Proget Cosas de mujeres, Barcelona. Curated by the artist Katia Munoz. January 2012 - Atena Gallery, Il linguaggio del corpo, Como. Curated by Silvia Ceffa and MilanoWebArte. January 2012 - Scoletta di San Giovanni Battista, Affinità e Contrasti, Venice. Curated by Paolo Dogà and Tatiana Carapostol. January 2012 - Spaziottagoni, Art shopping for Christmas, Rome. Curated by Ilaria Pergolesi and Angelo Ribezzi for Artist in the World. December 2011 - Spazio Concept, Bazarte, Rome. Curated by Anonimi Artisti. November 2011 - Ex Roma Club Monti Gallery, Colorissimamente, Rome. Curated by Ilaria Pergolesi and Angelo Ribezzi for Artist in the World​​. November 2011 - Casa Internazionale delle donne, Ma... Donne, Rome. Curated by Associazione culturale Soqquadro. November 2011 - Domus Talenti Gallery, Artprize 2011, Rome. ​Curated by Ilaria Pergolesi and Angelo Ribezzi for Artist in the World​. October 2011 - Studio28, Trace_becoming art, Milan. Curatored by Silvia Alfei and PerypezyeUrbane. October 2011 - MECA Mediterráneo Centro Artístico, Exposicion virtual en red agm . Almeria. Curated by MECA​. September 2011 - Marzia Frozen Gallery, AC/BC Contemporary Contest in Berlin, Berlin. Curated by the artist Javier Ramirex​. September - October 2011


Philosophy and Literature at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan in 2006 Advanced painting courses at NABA Academy in Milan in 2010 Advanced painting courses at Scuola Superiore d’Arte Applicata at Castello Sforzesco in 2011 in Milan. Advanced experimental painting courses at NABA Academy in Milan in 2016.

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