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Burak Bulut YILDIRIM

Artist from Germany

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About the artist Burak Bulut YILDIRIM

I m full time photographer and photography mentor over 15 years. I created some photo exhibitions and projects during that 15 years and which is awarded. I was selected Sony Europe Imaging Ambassador at 2018- 2024. -------------------------- Artist-Statement --- As Dostoevsky said in Crime and Punishment, “Everything depends on the environment in which man lives: it is the environment that determines everything, and man is nothing.” We also experience this feeling of nothingness in our contaminated visual world. However, with the magic of light, a figure or landscape can transform and find its meaning in seconds. In my work on light for over 15 years, I photograph people changing at every angle with natural light, artificial light systems and UV lights by reshaping them with light. Using visible and invisible lights, with machines that capture and record light, I try to record a new spirit that is the most important to me alongside the elements of color, texture and volume. So, using the properties of light in my photographs, I try to carry my soul into portraits that have also a soul. The personality and the physicality of the person I’m working with while photographing, collide with what I want to include and end up having creative consequences in a dynamic that can change at any moment. In summary, I can say that my works are emotional photographs that have been placed on a certain aesthetic level with the seductiveness of poetics

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Solo and Group Exhibitions “Black Light and In Haste” @Germany/Heilbronn-Volksbank Gallery/2019 “Bodies in Movement” Group Exhibition @Italy/Rome-Loosen Art Gallery/2019 “We Can Do it” Comtemporary Istanbul Art Fair @Turkey/Istanbul-Galeri 77/2016 “LandsNude” Curator and Head of Photographer-Group Exhibition @Greece/Thessaloniki-Artcore Gallery/2015 “In Haste” @Turkey/Istanbul-Pinelo Gallery/2014 “Peddlers” @Turkey/Istanbul-Tezgahçılar/2014 “II. International Fashion Film Festival” Group Exhibition @Turkey/Istanbul/2009 UNNUDE / (Soon)

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