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Stanislav Tsapov

Artist from Ukraine

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 October 9th, 2022

About the artist Stanislav Tsapov

My name is Stanislav Tsapov. I have never done art in my life, but my work was connected to the world of fashion. At my work I had to make many design decisions based on my own taste. Due to recent events in my country and in my life, I tried myself as an abstract, cubism, surrealism artist, studied the art market thoroughly. I felt attracted to art and realized that was a part of me. Moreover my close friend is engaged in creativity, he initiated me into all the nuances of artistic styles and techniques. I stick to my views on life, that differ radically from other artists. I have been doing art relatively short period of time, but I plan to become a popular artist, whose work won't be budgetary. I was born in Germany on March 29, 1987. I'm willing to meet artists all around the world and intend to open my own gallery. Art will save this world!

Exhibitions of Stanislav Tsapov

I exhibit my works on various Internet platforms, such as: Artmajeur, Joseartgallery, Etsy

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