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About the artist Beklan Kizilcay

He was born in 1968 in İstanbul.He graduated from the Department of Ceramic Engineering in the faculty of Fine Arts in Mimar Sinan University in 1993, which he was admitted in 1986. He continued painting throughout his education with the encouragement of his lecturers. He started his first oil painting in 1994 in a professional sense. Having suspended his artworks, which continued until 2009, he has resumed his works of art in 2017. Drawing attention with his surrealist style, the art pieces of Beklan Kızılcay produced between 1994-2009 were attracted interest by art-lovers and sold. His interest in surrealism started to form in the middle of the 1990s. He was impressed by the expression style of the surrealism and having no restriction on the imagination to get across a composition and using everything in universe, such as materials, objects, nature and human beings and so on in line with the imagination. His paintings include artworks which have a passage from plan to perspective and vice versa and have a perspective and depth without distancing himself from the reality by blending human nature, his experiences, expectations, relations and natural factors in general terms. He works on analogies of natural and superficial objects. He pays particular attention to color harmony in his paintings. While using natural and pastel colors on his artworks on a general basis, he prefers to highlight a special color which stands out for him. He usually reflects different stories in his paintings like our experiences. It is of high significance for the artist for every artwork to have a different construct and narration and have a particular color harmony. Beklan Kızılcay continues to live and work in Istanbul.

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Solo Exhibition 2018-"Surnarsist"-Maji Luxury Gallery-Istanbul 2019-"Enigma"-Gama Gallery-Istanbul Mixed Exhibition 2019-"Armory Art Week"-NYA Gallery-New York Fair 2019-"ArtAnkara" 5th Contemporary Fair-Ankara/Turkey


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