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BIOGRAPHY. Artem Kolesnikov, born in 1977, Ukraine. From an early age he showed interest in drawing. From a very early age I was engaged in drawing and strived to improve my skills. In his quest for professionalism, Artem took courses for professional artists. specializing in academic drawing and painting. Over time, he discovered a passion for depicting stormy waves, rocks and boats on canvas. stones and boats on canvas and began to master the theme of seascapes. In 2016, Artem Kolesnikov and his family were forced to move to Spain due to the war in eastern Ukraine, where, after a long break, he continued to paint, combining this with trips along the coasts of the Mediterranean and Atlantic, inspired by their majestic views. He continued to engage in his creative activity, combining it with trips to the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, inspired by their majestic views. Marine painting has become his signature style, attracting the viewer's attention with its energy and drama. His life is a desire to create beauty and give!

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2016 Garden as Art Individual- (Stavgorod, Ukraine) 2015 Group exhibitions "Our fauna" (Lozovaya, Ukraine). 2013 Group exhibitions "The breath of nature", (Yampol, Ukraine). 2011 Collaboration with Forest Symphony Project, (Pavlograd, Ukraine). 05/2023 Collective Exhibition Oil Painting (Sala Óleo Galeria Yuri Lopez Kullins Madrid) 06/2023 Virtual Museum International Exhibition Mundoarti International Exhibition Spring Season 17 Madrid 09/2023 XLIV GREDOS PRIZE OF PAINTING 2023 Arenas De San Pedro


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