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Hey, I am an artist and a writer and I have been in this feild for as long as I can remember. Art is something so unique and embeded in the roots. I have been doing professional work for past 3 years, making custom products and projects as per demands. I have had my work exhibit 2 times and have been working on contract with a gallery. Writing is a skill I recently discovered about myself. I started writing english poetry in start of 2022 and have published my work on social media platform. My work got selected to be published in an anthology book. Right now I am hoping to start my barely-planned event planning and management business and see it blooming in few years. I am currently a university student starting my career in Information Technology. I hope to excel in programming field as well. As for my expertise; I mostly work with Acrylics, Abstract knife painting and painting. I also do Sketching, watercolors, pencilcolors . Oils are something I am yet to experiment with. Most of my work consists of abstract art work although I also make detailed works. and techniques; I experiement with every type of technique as I have keen interest in learning new things. I use every type of technique that could enhance my work however i mostly use: Palette Knife, Dabbing, Underpainting, Splattering, Pouring.

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I have had two exhibitions so far; * I had my first exhibition at Rawalpindi National Council of Arts(RNCA) about defense day in 2021, Islamabad, Pakistan. * The second exhibition took place at Finura College of International Studies(FCIS) in 2022, Islamabad, Pakistan.


I am a self thaught artist. I didn't had any mentor or education in arts. It is something so unique and embeded in the roots. You can say it runs in the family, as most of my paternal side of family are professional artists in different domains. I experimented, practiced and learned by myself.

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