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Argishti Mesropyan

Artist from Russia

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 June 24th, 2021

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About the artist Argishti Mesropyan

I'm a dramartist, also I'm a founder of Affectonism. All these paintings are created by myself. The painting consists of several equal and smoothly changing emotions captured in this work. It's the new direction in the painting and I called it Affectonism. Emotions of the painting are equal, because every emotion is an indicator of life. They don't yield to each other in importance and strength. I used smooth transitions to show it. This work contains lots of hints to show details (such as duration or belonging to a particular period of life) and for the full disclosure of the painting's hero. Affectonism is a portrait of the soul. This is a short film about the period of life or about a lifetime showed in the painting. #Painting #affectonism #art #new #original #unique #expression #emotion

Exhibitions of Argishti Mesropyan

Winner of the "Planet of Mercy" festival held in Moscow in October 2019

Education of Argishti Mesropyan

I am a self-taught artist and have no professional education.

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