Artist Anna Ovsiankina

Anna Ovsiankina

Artist from Ukraine

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 September 15th, 2017

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About the artist Anna Ovsiankina

I'm sure that the paintings are transmitted as the artist's world, and reflect the world of spectators. I work in different genres in the technique of oil painting - still lifes, female figures (nudes), landscapes, abstractions.

Exhibitions of Anna Ovsiankina

2020, January - Joint exhbition of the abstract art, Bastion Gallery, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine 2019, November - Joint exhbition «Five Worlds», Art Center Svitovyd, Kolomyia, Ukraine 2019, April - Joint exhbition «Contemporary Art of Israel and Ukraine», Chernivtsi, Ukraine 2019, January - Joint exhbition of the abstract art in the gallery «Art na Mur», Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine 2018, December - Art Center «Chocolate House», Kyiv National Painting Gallery, Ukraine 2018, October - SOLO exhibition «Femininity» at the art gallery "Bastion", Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine 2018, March - Joint exhbition of art in the City hall, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. 2017 - SOLO exhibition "The soul of one Flower", Bastion Gallery, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine 2017- Exhibition at the art restaurant "Kukhnya", Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine 2015 - Joint exhibition at the Bastion Gallery, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

Education of Anna Ovsiankina

State Art School and private art studies

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