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Anna Bitaieva

Artist from Ukraine

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About the artist Anna Bitaieva

Ukrainian artist, author of paintings and collages. Was born in Kyiv. Graduated fr om the National Academy of managerial stuff of Culture and Arts with a degree in: Expert art critic, curator of art projects. Graduated from the School of Modern Art at the Modern Art Research Institute. Work in an abstract style of painting. I don't lim it myself to the framework of a single technique, detailed sketches or one conceptual line in my paintings. It’s more interesting for me to dive into something new, to study, invent, combine what it would never have occurred to me to put together. For the past few years, liquid enamel technique has prevailed in creativity, but now large silky canvases have gradually faded into the background, giving way to more textured works. In the new technique, one of the main accents is the independent development of “recipes” for mixing and using certain components, so that in the final version the work has a variety of voluminous and textured details. Each of my paintings carries a small story that I always try to share with the viewer. And very often the thoughts and emotions that accompanied me in the work on the picture coincide with the associations that arose in the viewer, and this is an incredibly exciting and inspiring process. Took part in more than 60 Ukrainian and international exhibitions and art festivals.

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Took part in more than 60 Ukrainian and international exhibitions and art festivals.

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