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Artist from Poland

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A semi reclusive and shy man in his home country of Poland, Andrzej quietly produced some fabulous evocative artwork that seems to be capturing the imagination of art lovers worldwide who have been fortunate enough to see it. Working in oils, on canvas or board, his unique interpretation of form and space, together with an unconventional, almost mystical presentation, provide the viewer with emotional and surreal visions. His work inspires the imagination, stimulates the senses and may even provoke the viewer to investigate their own thoughts and beliefs, so powerful is his dramatic, atmospheric imagery. Born in Sosnowiec, Poland in 1950

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Selected exhibitions: 1985 MOK in Bedzin, Poland 1986 ZDK "Staszic" in Katowice, Poland 1987 ZDK "Wujek" in Katowice, Poland "Novum" Gallery in Zawiercie, Poland 1988 Cultural Center in Katowice, Poland WOK in Katowice Gallery "Za Kowadlem", Poland Gallery "KMPiK" in Bytom, Poland 1989 Gallery "Rozmaitosci" in Gliwice, Poland 1990 Galeria "Sedno" in Gliwice Group exhibit in Seattle (USA) 1991 Polish National Art Biennale in Katowice 1992 Group exhibit in Basel, Switzerland 1994 Cultural Center in Siemianowice Slaskie, Poland 1995 Cultural Center in Opole, Poland Mlodziezowy Osrodek Pracy Tworczej in Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland 1995 i 1997 City Gallery in Weiden, Germany 1995 i 1999 Gallery Kowadlo in Katowice, Poland 2003 Museum of History of Katowice Gallery ZPAP in Katowice Gallery "MM" in Chorzow, Poland 2004 Individual exhibit in Cultural Center in Debica, Poland 2005 Gallery Art Nova 2 in Katowice Modern art gallery "Fra Angelico" in Katowice, Poland 2006 Art Nova 2 in Katowice, Poland 2008 Individual exhibit at "Laznia" Gallery in Konin, Poland Individual exhibit at Silesian Theater in Katowice, Poland Individual exhibit at ZPAP in Katowice, Poland 2009 Individual exhibit at Cultural Center in Glucholazy, Poland 2010 2011 Group exhibits at ZPAP in Katowice 2014 Individual exhibit at "Sztygarka" Museum, Poland 2015 Individual exhibit at Cultural Center in Wroclaw, Poland 2016 Individual exhibit at Cultural Center in Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland

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