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I am a professional artist who started my career late. But it is possible that this should have happened. Everything has its time. I have been drawing professionally since 2019, but I already have over two hundred paintings. My art is ambiguous and unlike any other, probably because I paint with my heart. Sometimes I use intuitive drawing, namely: not from life and not from paintings, but only what is in my head, in my soul, in my heart. But most importantly and completely unexpected for me, after a series of works, I began to understand where my images come from ... I think that I or my essence saw them in our past lives.

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I was born on February 27, 1958 in Azerbaijan, a republic of the former USSR. He studied and grew up in Kazakhstan, also a republic of the USSR. Since 1975 I have been living in Ukraine. He began to draw late, at the age of 61. Prior to that, he worked in education and finance. Despite the fact that my experience is small, I already have more than two hundred paintings, about thirty paintings, have found their place in private collections, one painting is in the Lutsk Art Museum, two paintings in the Museum of Modern Art. The Korsakov family in Ukraine. My paintings have taken part in exhibitions: - In the Kiev art center "Family Quest", Ukraine, - Three exhibitions of the Art Street project, Kyiv, Ukraine, - Combined exhibition of the Museum of Modern Art Seven Korsakov, Lutsk, Ukraine. - Four combined exhibitions in the Globus Gallery, Kyiv. - Personal exhibition in the art club "CLUB", Kyiv. - Joint exhibition in the gallery "Modiart", Kiev - Personal exhibition in the museum of Maria Zankovetskaya. Kyiv. - Personal exhibition in the museum of I.P.Kavaleridze. Kyiv.


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Engineer, Economist.

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