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This year I turned 61, the time for change, and I would say differently, the time for a new life. The truth in a new life, we forced migrants fr om the Donbass, pushed "voluntarily-forcibly" the circumstances of the war between Ukraine and Russia. In 2014, with our whole family, we had to come to Kiev’s from our hometown Gorlovka, abandon all housing, business. For the first 5 years, everyone still somehow hoped and sought to return “home”, but now it’s clear that the next “Transnistria” was made from Donbass and, by analogy, there is nowhere to return, and most importantly there is no need. For these 5 years, we have somehow taken root in Kiev, but this is “heaven and earth” compared to what had to be left in Gorlovka, especially at sunset, an actively capable part of life. That's how I think I lost in Gorlovka, because of the catastrophic fall in prices - real estate, because of an unacceptable business environment - business, and also the most important and good name, I could not pay to 23 depositors with whom because of the war Our Credit Union “Collateral Agency”. Five years of courts and enforcement proceedings, with our unscrupulous borrowers from among those who left for the Russian Federation or remained in the DPR, did not produce positive results, both in Ukraine and in the DPR. I understand that it’s not my fault, I understand that force majeure (war), I understand that I suffered the most, since I was the main contributor to the Credit Union, but it’s painful and insulting that I didn’t foresee, I didn’t calculate, I didn’t justify... Okay, I’m not talking about that. I’m about change. In my life, this is a new kind (I almost wrote an activity) - creativity. I have always wanted to paint all my life. In principle, to act, after the 10th grade, I was supposed to go to the architecture department of the Ust-Kamenogorsk Construction Institute, even went to preparatory courses in drawing, but at the last moment my parents outplayed and I from East Kazakhstan, in 1975, went to study in Ukraine, to Sevastopol at the Instrument-making Institute. This then brought me to Gorlovka at the Polytechnic Institute, then I graduated from the IAPM personnel management academy, but this is a different story, I just want to say that by profession I am a techie and economist and in March of this year decided that I would draw. How to draw, what to draw with, what to draw? Of course I wanted to paint in oil, but from my experience, I painted something in oil at 9 years old. Once, because my parents gave me a set of oil paints. At this age, completely different tasks in the knowledge of life, so the experience was not continued. Okay, I decided - do it, butter means butter. I bought everything you need and go ... What to draw? And here, as it turned out, the "philosophical problem." The answer to this question follows from another question: And why actually? If you draw to earn money - this is one thing, but if for yourself - this is something else. I decided to do intuitive painting, namely: not to draw from life or from pictures, but only what is in my head, in my soul, in my heart. When I sit down at an easel, basically I draw while sitting, I feel so comfortable, I don’t know what I will draw. I knead the colours, throw them on the canvas, form a background - I don't know what it is. I continue to add colours, shades, paint brushes and palette knobs to paint on the canvas and suddenly ... An image appears! It comes as a little insight, you begin to see what emerged from the chaos ... Like some creator who was messing with clay, and oil paints have the same nature and consistency, he suddenly notices ... - “What's good "! At this stage, it is already possible to concretize, identify and outline something. Moreover, time flies completely unnoticed, there is no feeling of anxiety, there is no feeling of hunger, if only tea were always at hand. And only one desire is to create, create, create. This is the best sensation that I have experienced in my life, I would call it “Rapture”. And then, at some point - that's it. You see that now everything. As with sculptors - everything that is not needed from a piece of stone is repulsed and the image is in front of you. And sometimes the work may look like unfinished. But - that’s all, a thought or image can be unsaid to give the ground for contemplation’s imagination. It can be anything: any object or phenomenon, an unimaginable creature, emotion, look or sensation, a fantastic landscape or object ... So I create my paintings. But the main thing and completely unexpected for me, which actually made me start to draw, after a series of works, I began to understand wh ere my images come from...

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