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Andrey Tsoy

Artist from Azerbaijan

Representative of the artist is Yuliya Mikhno
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About the artist Andrey Tsoy

Andriy Tsoi is a rather mysterious phenomenon in contemporary Ukrainian art. Many of the symbolists of this artist's work are unmistakably recognized: they are quite concise in color and number of details, but always carry a certain code, code, information that you read sometimes instantly and sometimes after reflection. The paintings, painted in an extremely sophisticated manner, are mesmerizing with their mysteriousness, their ability to transport the viewer to the worlds of the past or hidden deep in the subconscious. Born in 1971 in Murmansk, Russia. He graduated from the Dnipropetrovsk State Art College. Vucheticha, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Granada, Graduate School of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine, is one of the most interesting modern Ukrainian artists. In 2008, he entered the rating catalog "Contemporary Art of Ukraine in the period of Independence: 100 names." His works were successfully presented at exhibitions, saved in private and gallery collections in Ukraine, Spain, Lithuania, Romania, Jordan, USA, Cayman Islands, UAE, Italy, Canada, France, Czech Republic, China. The goal of the artist’s creativity is to convey not the external and not internal, but the subconscious content of the world. The works of Andrei Tsoi can be safely attributed to the “post-Babylon” series. The use of a gold stamp brings the topic and title of works closer to the symbolic display of the transitional “world of observations”, to the whole coordinate system of the “world of observers”.

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