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Andrey Orlov

Artist from Russia

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About the artist Andrey Orlov

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A.P. Orlov was born in 1979 in Yalta. In 2002 he graduated from the Crimean Art College. N.S. Samokisha. Teacher: L. Balkind. Lives and works in Yalta. His works are in private collections in Russia and other countries. Portraits and landscapes, still lifes and abstract paintings. The artistic directions that are represented in the works of Andrei Orlov are very diverse. He has a considerable number of personal exhibitions in Russia, Ukraine and England. The relationship of saturated colors on the plane of the canvas in the artist’s painting attracts the genuine attention of connoisseurs of fine art. The works of Andrei Orlov are kept in the collections of famous artists, including Mikhail Shirvindt, Vyacheslav Malezhik, Yan Tabachnik.

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01/20/2024 "What color is Crimea?" ArtMaison gallery

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