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Andrei Konovalenko

Artist from Ukraine

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 December 18th, 2019

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About the artist Andrei Konovalenko

Ukrainian artist Konovalenko Andrey Anatolyevich. Born in 1972 in the city of Sumgait, Republic of Azerbaijan. At the age of 10, he independently took up painting. Since 2000, the artist’s works participated in competitions and exhibited in a number of city, regional and foreign exhibitions. Since 2006, lives in the city of Kiev. Works under the alias Calvo

Exhibitions of Andrei Konovalenko

2019, Rzhishchev (Kyiv region, Ukraine). Annual solo exhibition "Song without words". KZ KOR Rzhyshchiv Archaeological and Local History Museum.

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Education of Andrei Konovalenko

National Pedagogical University named after M.P. Drahomanov

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