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Anastasia Viaznikova

Artist from Belarus

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About the artist Anastasia Viaznikova

Anastasia Viaznikova, contemporary mixed media artist, was born in 1990 in Izmail, Ukraine. Lives and works in Novogrudok, Belarus. Since 2017, she has been working as a graphic designer and illustrator, while simultaneously immersing herself in the world of art. Her art is about the connection between reality and fantasy. Where one ends and another begins, how they are interwined. Anastasia is trying to capture the exact moment when you are thinking and “floating in the clouds”. How necessary and important is this ephemeral and extraterrestrial in ordinary life. This is a description of dreams and borderline states. These are dreams. Why sometimes you need to “disconnect” from current events and withdraw into yourself. With the help of smooth pastel or charcoal lines and textured strokes of acrylic, Anastasia tries to show exactly the degree of care that will maintain balance. Don’t completely immerse yourself in your fictional world, but also don’t get bogged down in everyday routine.

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2020 - Talk about corporeality, Moscow 2020 – Startup like art, Moscow 2020 – Summer, Envision Arts online gallery


2020 - Modern Art & Ideas (lectures), MoMA 2019 - History of Design (lectures), Open Education (HSE) 2019 - Modern Art (lectures), Open Education (HSE)

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