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Anastasia Khudiakova

Artist from Ukraine

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 January 29th, 2020

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About the artist Anastasia Khudiakova

Khudiakova Anastasiia was born on January 4, 1996 in Kharkiv. A member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine since 2017. Actively participates in contests and festivals. A participant of international plein- airs (Ukraine, Poland, Kazakhstan, Russia, Bulgaria and Israel). Occupies herself with decorative painting and murals. She is the author of the Murals: Kharkiv Coat of Arms (2016, Novgorodska Street), Old Town (2017, Kovalska Street, 6), In the Future (2019, Klochkivska St. 234/2), True Time "(2019, Moscow Ave. 15)," Kit "(2019, Ludwig Svobody Street 58). Author of Kupely in Sarzhyn Yar (2018, Kharkiv).

Exhibitions of Anastasia Khudiakova

— the exhibition “A Human and the Nature", Varna, Bulgaria 2014 — Member of the first club of associations, partners and friends of UNESCO in Kazakhstan in 2011 — the AII-Ukrainian Art Exhibition of Historical genre “Ukraine from Trypillya to Nowadays in the Images of Modern Artists”, dedicated to the Revolution of Dignity and Patriotic War of 2014-2016 (Kyiv) — the International Graphics Exhibition, 2017, the House of the Artists, Kharkiv — the exhibition ”Holy Land”, 2018 (Haifa, israel) — the one-man show “The Monologues of Anastasiia Khudiakova" in the Chornomorsk Fine Arts Museum named after 0. Bilyi — Participant of Non Stop Media Festival 2018 , Kharkiv — Participant in contemporary art competition them N. Altman 2018. — All-Ukrainian exhibition of contemporary women's art "WINDOWS" (Museum of the History of Kyiv, 2019) — Exhibition "Art. Histori.Tradition" within the framework of the Metal East Festival Novo Kolo, Kharkiv, 2019.

Education of Anastasia Khudiakova

2005-2010 - Kharkiv Children's Art School № 1 named after I.Yu. Repin, (passed qualifying exams on the easel office and received a certificate of extracurricular education with honors, got a red diploma). 2018 - Graduated from the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts, specialty "Monumental Painting" (with honors and a red diploma).

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