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Since my early childhood I was passionate about painting and creating sketches, drawings with pencils and crayons, discovering the magic of colors, shaping landscapes, flowers, monuments, ballet dancers.... Painting became my passion. The Meaning. The Path. And the Goal. By education I am a doctor specialized in internal medicine and physiotherapy, and I spent years treating human bodies from the problems came out of their souls. I concluded then – if you really want to help people, go to the beginning - help their soul to feel itself and to feel the world around with its colors and emotions. Nature is the best doctor that can harmonize our souls and herewith treat most of our physical problems. When the soul is in peace, the body will find the way to keep it healthy. My main themes are women portraits and flowers as the most beautiful creations of the nature. Women and flowers reflect the beauty of the world surrounding us as well as mystery and fragility of life.

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Montreal, Canada, Le Hang Art Saint-Denis collective exhibition, April 2019 - July 2019 Moscow, Russia, WP Gallery, collective exhibition, July 2019 Quebec City, Canada, Gallery MP Tresart, October 2019 - December 2019


Ryazan, Russia School of Art, 1993-1995 Moscow, Russia, School of creativity, 2018-2019 Moscow, Russia, Igor Sakharov Art Studio,, 2018-2019 Moscow, Russia, Russian people’s friendship university, color therapy courses, 2019

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