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I am a musician first employee and music teacher, I have spent a lot of time painting and looking for materials to express and interpret my inner thoughts and feelings. Mostly acrylic paint and sand and plastic and concrete ... I love experiments! Thinking of many other great references of art (Gorky, Afro, Vedova and many others) I am not indifferent to some schools of the informal art tradition. painting is very similar for me to musical improvisations and composition in which the concrete and the abstract become a painting or a drawing.

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Not Yet:-( A lot of my works are around for private commissions.


My first training school after compulsory schooling was an Academy of Dramatic Art, the "Nico Pepe" in Udine to become an actor or theater director, a job I did for the first part of my life, then always music it was my main choice. In fact, I later graduated from the "Giuseppe Tartini" Conservatory of Music in Trieste (Italy) in Jazz composition. Now I work with my original music groups and music teaching and ... with painting :-) My artistic preparation is autonomous following some "masters" of my area and with courses to learn the most important techniques, but mainly I am self-taught.

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