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Alla Struchaieva

Artist from Ukraine

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About the artist Alla Struchaieva

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Alla Struchaieva… Many know her as a successful businesswoman, happy mother of three wonderful children, loving and beloved wife. But few people know, what has encouraged Alla to take the paintbrush and start writing on the canvas; thanks to and despite what, she has become a painter. A painter, who has no limits and borders… Learning more about her art, you will certainly see that. Each her painting she writes not only with a brush, but also with her soul. Now her creations find their owners all over the world, they inspire and heal, attract and encourage. Her works are not only the expression of emotions on canvas; they are an immersion in the unknown and finding something new. And when you get to know that, you will certainly get into the world of magic. “When I am writing in canvas, I am living! Sometimes it seems that everything that surrounds me inspires me. Universe, beauty of the world around, music and poetry, rustling leaves and trees inspire me… I am inspired by people around me, works of other painters and desire to try new painting techniques, develop myself and go further. Go nonstop.” Alla Struchaieva Among her works, you can see on the site, paintings written with oil paints and dry pigments. She implements the technique of working with palette knife, spray technique, spraying and washing of paints technique. Alla is the artist, who writes with liquid oil on a wet canvas. Such an amazing person continues to delight the world with her art. We will hear this name again and again…Alla Struchaieva.

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Personal exhibition in the Struchaieva Art Workshop 26.12.2019, 28.12.2019, Kharkov, Ukraine. Personal exhibition in the Struchaieva Art Workshop 01.02.2020 и 02.02.2020, Kharkov, Ukraine.


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H. S. Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University, department of Economic Theory, qualification of economist, teacher of economic disciplines, specialist’s degree, Kharkiv.

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