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During the process of creation the artist is experimenting and searching of expression. In each of the affected directions of painting, the structure-forming regularity is traced. The artist works with elementary forms and color contrasts, seeking to show a true essence of impression, reminiscence or emotions. Diametrical contrasts on many cloths, speak about inevitable integrity and recurrence of all real. Points, lines and forms are transformed to silent symbols and signs of their associative world. Images are weaved into vibrations of feelings, suggesting the viewer to hear and feel them. Thus, the artist shows the world of the phenomena.

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I did not have any personal exhibitions.


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He graduated fr om the School of Fine Art in 2001. The winner and laureate Russian and international awards He was studying Japanese and mastering the various techniques of fine arts, however he was gravitating to graphics. In 2002 he moved to Saint-Petersburg, wh ere he was studying Spatial Design at Institute of Design, Applied Art and Humanitarian Education for six years.

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