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Alexandra Musienko is a Ukrainian artist, who was born in Kyiv on the 20th of November 1983. She belongs to the group of talented young artists in Ukraine whose work bears a distinctive and original creative stamp. She works with a monochrome contrast technique of painting, using two colours – white and black. By using smooth lines, highlighting and shading, she creates pictures which are engrossing, archetypically feminine, and highly sensual. Her works are hung as decorative items in contemporary interiors, and in private collections all over the world. Her mastery has taken shape over a number of years. She took private painting lessons. She made visits to international picture galleries and museums, studied the classics of world art – which have formed the basis on which she has shaped her own distinctive stylistic approach. In her painting we find the mist of the artistic salons of the early 20th century, and the haze of black-and-white cinema; the gleam of the human soul, and the darkness of relationships. By consciously removing colour from her work, she has achieved the accurate depiction of visual emotions through her extraordinarily subtle sensations of line, and compositional harmony of shapes. The first picture she painted was a portrait of the world-famous actress Audrey Hepburn, often cited as a symbol of sophisticated elegance. Since that time, her desire of painting has been embodied in numerous sensual works, of which most reflect the beauty of the female body, and the mystery of human emotions. Her works are sought after and acclaimed, featuring in private collections in Germany, Estonia, Italy, Spain, and France. Art does not recognise borders or restrictions – instead it works on the level of feelings and intellect.

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Exhibitions: 2019 - Italy, Ravello, "Hotel Parsifal", exhibition "Luce e Magia" (Personal Exhibition) 2018 - Ukraine, Kyiv, Gallery "Ornament Art Space", exhibition "White & Black Stories" (Personal Exhibition) 2018 - Estonia, Tartu, International Festival “Music of Falling Leaves”, Festival Artist (General) 2017 - Ukraine, Kyiv, Gallery "House of Pictures" (General) 2017 - Ukraine, Kyiv, Auction, Charity Event “CHARITY FINE ART” (General) 2016 - Ukraine, Kyiv, Gallery “House of Pictures”, Christmas Exhibition (General)

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