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My name is Alexandra Danilova. I am an artist from St. Petersburg (Russia). I have been working in oil for 12 years and constantly improving my technique. My inspiration has always been nature. I write landscapes, sea, sky, mountains. On my travels, my paints are always with me. I am also fascinated by the drawing of living flowers because their magical natural colors fascinate me. I think that my creative search is "slipping beauty." I believe that contemplation of the beauty of nature heals the human soul and allows him to leave the fast pace of life. In each picture, the whole spectrum of my feelings is stored, I cannot draw something that I am not attracted to. I like to work on details my painting is multi-layered. But I also feel inspired when I write quick sketches in broad strokes.

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2015 Solo exhibition, the Sheremetev Palace, St-Petersburg, Russia 2021 Group exhibition "What is art?" AVART Art Studio St. Petersburg, Russia 2022 Project participant Nikas Safronov NFT-Yolka, Moscow. 2022 Group exhibition "Time-River" gallery RA-art, St. Petersburg. 2022 Winner of the ALL Women Artist competition in the category "Gallery Choice" in Contemporary Art Gallery Online. 2022 Group exhibition "Eco art Russia" Gallery CONTRAST, Yekaterinburg.


1987-1995 Ballet Art State School, Tbilisi, Georgia 2007-2009 Design School “ArtFuture”, St-Petersburg, Russia 2009-2010 State art school №2, St-Petersburg, Russia 2012-2015 Art School “Artica”, St-Petersburg, Russia

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