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I was born in Kherson on December 8, 1979. As a child, I was constantly asleep. They came up to me from time to time and checked whether I was breathing or not. My father was a photographer. He photographed vacationers on the seas. He had a creative approach to this case. Dad got donkeys, monkeys, parrots and horses to work in our Kherson yard. People constantly came to us, like a zoo.As a child, I always drew something. I remember sitting on the floor, drawing a blue dog in profile, shaded with a pen. I liked the fact that I saw this dog clearly. I realized that drawing images is interesting. I drew in class at school. I even came up with a game: someone drew a dot or dash, and I developed the drawing further with my classmates.I didn't stand out much at school, I didn't like to study, but I was constantly given normal grades. If necessary, he could answer, of course, but he didn't want to go too far in mathematics, chemistry, or physics. He had good grades in Physical Education, Drawing, and work — in fact, like all boys.

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2005 - Didzebaba Festival, Chernyanka,Ukraine. 2007 - "Community Project", CSM, Kiev, Ukraine. 2007 - "Step..yes! Steppe Kru-gom", Kharkiv, Ukraine. 2008 - "Southern Colors", Art Arsenal Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine. 2010 - "New Technologies", colony No. 105, Dariivka, Ukraine. 2011 - "Space Odyssey", Art Arsenal Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine. 2013 - "Her-Art", Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists, Kherson, Ukraine. 2014 - "Shop", expocenter of the shopping center "Fabrika", Kherson, Ukraine. 2015 - project " Short stories. Contemporary Artists of Ukraine" within the framework of the international project "Imagomundi" Luciano Benettona. 2017 - project "Curne Misto", Gogolfest, "Goodbye Gogol Fest", Kiev, Ukraine.


School passed — and I went to study as a cook in the 9th school. The practice took place at the sea, where you can swim and relax from home. I went to practice with my cousin Pasha, with whom we grew up together and lived in the same yard. We brawled there, started a riot, and we were kicked out without any remorse, calling the police.Art schools teach art history, and I was engaged in self-research, I wanted to be a more professional artist. I was constantly forced to go earn money, but I didn't want to go to work in a factory. He made attempts to become a commercial artist, avoided naivety and changed in terms of market conditions.

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