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Alexander Grishanov Ukrainian artist in whose works we can observe not only traditional and understandable still lifes and landscapes, but also abstract compositions. Alexander devoted himself to the study of the problems of simple geometric shapes: square, circle and triangle. In his color solutions, the artist often refers to three primeval colors: black, white and red. The philosophy of color and geometric forms is the basis of the artist's work, the soul of creativity fr om which grows the whole variety of interpretations and interpretations of the essence and phenomenon. • Born in 1983, Donetsk, Ukraine. • In 1995 graduated from Donetsk art school, Donetsk, Ukraine. • In 2008, he became the laureate of the first prize of the VI All-Ukrainian competition in the nomination - visual arts. • In 2010, he became the laureate of the 2nd prize of the VII All-Ukrainian competition in the nomination - visual arts. • Since 2008, she has been working as a graphic designer wh ere she studies in detail the influence on the information space of symbols of a circle, a square, a triangle, as well as the role and significance of black, white and red in the perception of an advertising message by a person. The main motto of the artist - No need to say, but we must take and do.

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In 2012, he graduated from Donetsk National Technical University with a degree in Religious Studies and was qualified as a specialist in religious studies and philosophy.

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