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About the artist Alex Slingenberg

Born in June 1956 in Greece, she traveled with her Dutch Diplomat parents, living in many places around the world. She found herself surrounded by the lush tropical vegetation, rich exotic cultures, varied often bright colourful wildlife and beautiful vivid art, exquisite antique collections from China, Thailand, Mexico, Japan, Europe, and USA. This all instilled in her a passion, the creative drive and inspiration to express herself with a joy of color, through painting. Finding inspiration all around her, her connected love of nature, animals and cultures is found back in her art. Her adventures nature has taken her on journey to develop, learn and experiment with different mediums such as Acrylic's, Oils, fired oil techniques, heat treated acrylics on unusual canvases such as leather, wood, canvas, panel, porcelain tile and silk. Mostly self evolved through a combination of experimenting, studying the subject and playing with colour mixing. By watching how light would plays amongst the shadows. Her attention was drown then caught by eyes, of the people and animals she paints. Focusing a large part of her skill and attention to detail by making those eyes come a live. For her eyes are the windows from which the soul shines. Its bright spirit reaches in to touch our hearts with fire. These days she loves to start with wild colored abstract, then incorporating realistic subject either in part or in whole into the abstract background blending them in partly to create an AbReal is what she calls this combination of abstract/realism. Mixing her own colors for her palette, by using six colors three in the light shades red, blue, lemon yellow and three red blue yellow in the dark shades plus two additional colors Titanium white and vandyke brown. Alex has exhibited widely and been featured in magazines both nationally as internationally. She loves sharing her knowledge and skills with others giving courses and workshops at home and abroad, taking them along for that fun and joyful journey in art.

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I first started exhibiting in 2009: Euro Art Expo Radiokootwijk the Netherlands 2010: Euro Art Expo in Radiokootwijk the Netherlands Wild in de Natuur Enschede the Netherlands 2011: Wild in de Natuur Enschede the Netherlands Florence Biennale int. Contemporary Art exhibition Florence Italy 2012: Wild in Natuur Enschede the Netherlands Euro Art Expo Ugchelen the Netherlands International Art Exhibition Ruurlo the Netherlands Earth Vortices international contemporary art exhibition Ferrara Italy Cutting Edge Masters of contemporary Art Florence Italy Artists for Conservation annual exhibition Grouse Mountain Canada 2013: Wild in de Natuur Enschede The Netherlands Art China Beijing China Le Salon d'Automne Paris France Crossing Over International Exhibition New York USA Red Dot Fair Miami Florida USA ATM's Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art Ferrara Italy Limitless Expressions Toronto Canada 2014: Contemporary Art Exhibition Shanghai China Art Exhibition Koubek Centre (Art Basil week) Miami Florida USA Art Expo New York New York USA Solo Exhibition with Steiner Gallery Kunst Unt Buch Vienna Austria 2015: Artists for Conservation annual Exhibition Grouse Mountain Canada Red Dot Fair Miami Miami Florida USA Solo Exhibition with Steiner Gallery Zurich Switzerland Exhibition with Gallery Stiener in Kunst unt Buch Vienna Austria ATM Top 60 Masters of contemporary Art Ferrara Italy Sandro Botticelli Prize Florence Italy 2016: Art Expo New York New York USA ATM Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art Ferrara Italy Dutch Art Exhibition Kutna Hora Czech Republic


Though Ive gone to two different art schools/colleges it was for fashion design and jewelry design to become a Designer craftsman. Portsmouth College of Art where I did fashion design then Epsom school of Art where I became a designer craftsman in jewellery design. In the art field I'm mostly self taught though from time to time I would do short courses and workshops through the years.

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