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About Alessia Camoirano Bruges ​ Each painting is an "intense emotional reaction" to experiences. I don't paint just with my hands, I paint with my whole body. Emotions have rhythms which I convey using colours and body movements on canvas.  I was born in Italy. My mother is Colombian. I currently live in London and graduated at the University of the Arts London. I lived in more than 10 cities and each one inspired me in a different way. My interests and my work focuses on human emotions, womanhood and identity. I want to encourage a conversation around identity and the human experience.  I employ different methods such as film, painting and writing. My art is my response to the world's current situation and increased anxiety. I am constantly researching, studying and portraying my identity. I tune in to my inner self and let go. That way, canvas are a journey, they represent raw, "intense emotional reactions" to experiences with a psychedelic touch. In order to convey my message, I write and paint very fast, my work is an outburst, a need, something unique because of the nature of the method that I use.  Art is a way for me to stay present at the moment and is a medium to portray identity through trauma and chaos as well as healing and nature.  Connecting with my inner self; I mix my own colours and choose colours based on the emotion that I want to convey. I always move the canvas with my hands, depending on the emotion, message and thoughts I want to portray. I usually listen to music which helps me to connect with my creative self and helps me achieve different hand/body movements. The process walks the line between conscious and subconscious. Fiction and reality.  The colours are not in control, even when it seems that they are while they slither down the canvas. We do not always have control, and as humans, we tend to enjoy being in control of a situation, be the masters of our faith. Creating allowed me to understand that I do not have to be constantly in control, it taught me to let go. When I let go, I am finally free from unhealthy fear, anxiety hurt. Many times I feel trapped by my emotions, society and time. Therefore I portray them as fluid chaotic rivers. I want to create a sense of peaceful confusion. I gave my paintings the name INTENSE EMOTIONAL REACTIONS because many times, in a patriarchal society, emotions and feelings are stigmatized, mocked. Sentences such as "Women are too emotional" "You should not feel like that" etc. Truth is, showing our true colours and expressing ourselves is a strength, a statement of freedom. Therefore I used the term intensity and emotional to create something meaningful for me and hopefully, for others.  I have always been interested in the power of language; therefore, I experiment with lyrics and texts.  I work towards women empowerment and mental health advocacy.  Most recent interview : Magazines: - issue 11 (they usually use my paintings for events etc) (I was featured on this book) (July 2019) ​

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-Palazzo Cerru' Verona (2018) -Walton Fine Art Gallery 2019 (London) -Disembody/Reconcile 2019 (London) -Gallery du 808 2019 (Bristol) -Visions/Anima Mundi 2019 (Venice) -Power 2019 (South Korea) -God Save The Queen 2019 (London) -The Dragon Cafe 2019/2020 (London)


Univerisity of the Arts London- Fist Class Honours

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