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About the artist Aleksandra Pawłowska

I am a fourth year student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland. My main studios are Animation, New Media and Magazines. At the present stage of my artistic education, I feel the need to develop and it seems to be my priority. The areas that interest me the most (new media, graphic design, animation and photo- graphy) allow me to break artistic boundaries through cooperation with various artists, not only from these areas. That is why I like realizations, including the combination of film, animation, 3d graphics, photography and strong internet position. Combining tradition and modernity is the way of creating I find most interesting, I deeply admire emphasis on information reference to events and creating opinions at the recipient. Interdisciplinarity in art such as using various medias and influences is a huge value for me. I see myself switching between creating very personal art and design and combining these two areas. I have always been inspired by fashion and it’s a important way to express myself. I am inspried with fast changing and very wide movements in contemporary art such as Dilarafinkoglu in fashion, David LaChapelle in photography, Karim Rashid in design, Yorgos Lanthimos in film (obviously and many more) but also I always come back to Medieval and Renaissance paintings like Rogier Van Der Weyden, Jan van Eyck or Sandro Botticelli. Apart from art I see inspiration paths in other areas like enviromental problems, physics, psychology or astronomy, body modifications, spirituality.

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I took part in the Auction of Young Art in the Royal Castle, Warsaw (2017), the contemporary art exhibition BAS.106c, Warsaw (2017), the Museum Night, the Exhibition of Collective group WNET, Warsaw (2017). Selfisz - live screeprints on t-shirts, Warsaw (2017), Maciek - photography exhibition, the Obserwacja Gallery, Warsaw (2017), the Auction of Young Art, Relax Gallery, Warsaw (2017), a publication about my work, the Contact Magazine (2017), UDK group show in Salon Akademii (2018), the Museum Night 2019 at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Fatalnie nieprzenośny człowiek - new media exhibition in Warsaw (2019). I spent six months in Prague in the Czech Republic on exchange program Erasmus (2017/2018). I took part in three exhibitions there : Lost and ______ International students exhibition, GAVU gallery, Sasha Burlaka collective exhibition in Saloun, Ukradena Galerie, installationin Bike Jesus.


2007-2010 Wojciech Gerson Art Middle School, Warsaw 2010-2014 Jan III Sobieski Art High School, Warsaw 2014-currently The Academy of Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Warsaw

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