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. Started drawing at the age of 28. I draw with a simple ballpoint pen. Two themes interest me: the first is the human being, his inner world, his brain - how it works, what happens in it. How does the subconscious work, what is it? I call this series of pictures - Metamorphoses of the Subconscious. The second theme is also the human being, his coexistence with the surrounding world. Who are we, where are we from, why are we here. Why are we so different, we and they, those who surround us - birds, worms, animals, different beasts. They live in harmony with nature, and we?.. Why do we destroy everything? Maybe we're strangers here on this earth?! And we can't fit into the surrounding world organically?! In my simple and naive, perhaps, drawings, I try to answer these questions. And I hope that I succeed even a little.

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1995 - Murmansk Artmuseum, Russia, 1998, 2001, 2005, 2010 - Sankt-Petersburg, Russia, 2003 - Surnadal, Norway, 2005 - Groningen, Holland, 2014 - Ernes, Norway, 2019 - Tynset, Norway, 2023 - Myrvol Kulturhus, Norway



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