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I do guided by the principle that everything has the right to exist. Not forgetting my responsibility as an artist. I remain true to the idea that art is a nobody's land - it belongs to everyone and at the same time to nobody. My credo is several years in a row: art is the quintessence of the artist's life. That is, my integral part. I always create works based on an emotional impulse. I like to create works that give rise to a response from the viewer, the desire to stay alone with myself and the color when the process of contemplation turns into a kind of meditation. And the question is what will I do tomorrow? This is freedom.

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Exhibition activity since 2004. the latter : 2018 - "Vibes" community center, West Islip, New York, USA


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MFA Transcarpathian Art Institute, Uzhhorod, UkraineBFA A.Erdeli College of Arts, Uzhhorod, Ukraine

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