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About the artist Alain Rodier

He was born in 1975 in Saint-Julien-en-Genevois, France. Artist and photographer, working in the genre of portrait painting and fashion photography. He studied economics in Paris, but later began to study photography and cinematography. Since 1983, his pictures are published by Vogue, l'Officiel, Marie Clair. In addition, he shoots advertising, for Givenchy and Dior. In the early 90's, the artist decides to concentrate on his own creativity and begins to create collages, using your photos as a basis. The first personal exhibition takes place in 1991. Since then, Alan has moved and holds exhibitions in New York, London, Paris and Amsterdam. Since February 2013, the artist moved to Kiev, where he lives and works to this day.

Exhibitions of Alain Rodier

1991 - United Kingdom, London, Collection Gallery 1992 - United Kingdom, London, Chelsea Gallery 1994 - USA, New York, Gallery America 1994 - USA, New York, Bleeker Gallery 1995 - France, Paris, Galerie Guenegaud 1998 - United Kingdom, London, Saint Saviour Gallery 2000 - USA, New York, Opera Gallery 2001 - France, Paris, Galerie Seine 51 2002 - France, Paris, Galerie Seine 51 2003 - Great Britain, London, Air Gallery 2004 - France, Paris, Chinagora 2004 - France, Chateau l'Hospitalet 2005 - Lebanon, Beirut, V & A Gallery 2008 - Emirates, Dubai, Opera Gallery 2008 - The Netherlands, Amsterdam, W Gallery 2008 - Monaco, Monte Carlo, Opera Gallery 2011 - France, Paris, Gallerie Couteron 2011 - France, Paris, Gallerie Raphael Imbert 2011 - Lebanon, Beirut, Gallery Abiaad 2011 - France, Galerie 7 Deloison 2012 - United Kingdom, London, SW1 Gallery 2013 - Ukraine, Kiev, InterContinental 2013 - Ukraine, Kiev, Mironova Gallery 2015 - Ukraine, Odessa, Dymchuk Gallery 2015 - Lebanon, Beirut, Gallery Loft 2015 - Ukraine, Lviv, Madame Palmgreen Gallery 2016 - Ukraine, Kiev, KZ Art 2016 - Ukraine, Kiev, Jose Art Gallery

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