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Adél Majoros

Artist from Hungary

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About the artist Adél Majoros

Adél Bakos A certified sign language translator, Adél’s heart has always been in communication, and more importantly in supporting, aiding people. Creating art came almost by chance, when seeing her off-hand water-paint sketches, her family and friends started encouraging her to hone her skills, and begin seeking artistic expression. Years of self-directed learning and practice followed; both seeking her style, while discovering and acquiring the tools needed for a proper formulation of the concepts of her imagination. Though her style always seems to be on the move, at the moment her workshop is positioned somewhere on the blurry border of impressionism and the broad world of the abstract. Her joyful, free and effusive spirituality is tangible in her art, her strong colors communicating an abundance of emotion. Her many-layered works come at the end of a long process of constant self-correction and fresh realizations at each turn. “Sometimes it takes days for me to discern where a component exactly belongs, and once the piece falls into place - it may redefine the whole scene. Then the rest must readjust – until it all settles into place.” She notes “Hardest thing for me was to start selling my art. By the time I am willing to say ‘finished’, I fall in love with the image I work on. What helped me letting go was the early realization that my paintings ‘speak’ to people. They impart something, communicate joy, hope, they lift hearts. I came to see that while my art does not necessarily speak to all or many, perhaps just to the one, yet to that person it is deeply significant. That discovery changed things for me. My desire and hope is that each of these unique expressions would find the way to that unique person to whom it is deeply meaningful.

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