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About the artist Adam Cooley

Adam Cooley is an American artist, designer, and author whose expansive repertoire includes painting, sculpture, film, fashion, interior design, and performance art. As a child growing up in rural New York State, he spent his days running around barefoot covered in paint creating beauty and chaos. As an adult not much has changed. His work is best known for its use of fantastic imagery and symbolism to illustrate abstract and esoteric concepts. It is abundantly clear from the amount of work he produces, Cooley is prolific to a fault. Either he is engaged in creating sculpture, mixed media, paintings, and creating new performance concepts or he is engaged in destroying the works he has already made. Like a volcano growing from its own destruction, his innate drive to create allows him to overproduce and pick from the best rather than wait for inspiration to create the perfect work.

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ECD Christ (1994), The Blue Nile Gallery, Osaka, Japan Anella (1998), Maronie Gallery, Kyoto, Japan Adam Cooley: Introspection (1999), Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Japan The Golden Woman (2002), The Red Brick Warehouse, Osaka, Japan The Silver Key (2012), Gallery Chayamachi, Osaka, Japan The Mask (2012), Hankyu Department Store, Osaka, Japan The Lost Empire (2014), Gallery Chayamachi, Osaka, Japan Mechanical Animals (2014), Daimaru Department Store, Kyoto, Japan Icon (2015), Gallery Chayamachi, Osaka, Japan 111 Stars (2016), Gallery Chayamachi, Osaka, Japan The Fairy Ring (2017), Gallery Chayamachi, Osaka, Japan Sea of Love (2018), Gallery NAO, Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan OIAF Oxford International Art Fair (2018), Oxford City Council, Town Hall, UK Flower of Love (2018), Hankyu Umeda Gallery, Osaka, Japan Flower of Passion (2019), Gallery NAO, Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan

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