NITROUS Drawing - Anastasia Terskih - Jose Art Gallery


Original drawing, 21×29.7 cm, 2020
Original artwork with a certificate of authenticity
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Characteristics of the Drawing “NITROUS”

Year of creation2020
Dimensions21 W × 29.7 H × 0.1 D   cm
Type of artdrawing
Type of packagingcardboard box

Description of the Artwork “NITROUS”

Original Colored pencil drawing " NITROUS " • Artist - Anastasia Terskih • Comes with a certificate of authenticity • Drawn in 2020 • Unframed Height: 29.7 cm / 11.4 inches Length: 21 cm / 8.2 inches

About the artist

'Vita brévis, ars lónga' My name is Anastasia, I was born in Riga, Latvia in 1996. I graduated from the Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry. I am a professional artist. My specialty is a jeweler-restorer of items made of precious metals. (Jewelry). I studied for 5 years, worked at the State Historical Museum, worked with historical values ​​of the 11th - 19th centuries, recreated museum copies of jewelry kept in the museum. While studying in Moscow, I restored museum values ​​of famous jewelry firms of the last century, such as Faberge, Ovichnnikov, Sazikov, Filaretov - court jeweler of Ivan the Terrible, one of the first jewelers mentioned in the annals, and others. I am an industrial artist. I paint my paintings in different styles. I work in the genres of realism, impressionism - these are my two favorite styles, the style of realistic impressionism. You can also often see my work done in wet on wet technique or alla prima in impressionism style. Throughout my life, I have to paint in different styles and techniques, such as primitivism, art brut, cubism, abstract expressionism and other styles of modern conceptual art. I also love to draw, I usually draw on paper with dry materials, some of my favorites are graphite and colored pencil, I also often combine materials such as ink and graphite. I like to depict people, animals in my paintings and often paint still lifes, as well as paintings with nature and flowers. Also, in addition to painting and drawing, I am engaged in the manufacture of jewelry, restoration of jewelry and the development of jewelry design.

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