Painting "Сross" | Artist Maxim Raznotsvetov | Jose Art Gallery
Painting "Сross" | Artist Maxim Raznotsvetov | Jose Art Gallery
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The mysterious Celtic ornament is invariably mesmerizing. All Celtic symbols are not ordinary drawings or banal abstraction; each has its own meaning. The Celtic pattern visually resembles a complex and cunning labyrinth. This is the main idea: a person wanders through life in search of truth and self-knowledge. The cross has a deep meaning. It symbolizes the harmony of the four elements or cardinal points. It is believed that such a symbol will save from the influence of dark forces and bestow wisdom. If you believe the Celts, then a correctly chosen ornament or symbol can change fate.

Size:   54 W x 79 H x 3 D   cm
Year of creation: 2021
The artwork has been sold
From Maxim Raznotsvetov , Russia
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