STUTTGART‘S STARS Sculpture - Jivko Sedlarski
STUTTGART‘S STARS Sculpture - Jivko Sedlarski
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Characteristics of the Sculpture “STUTTGART‘S STARS”

Year of creation2015
Dimensions8 W × 18 H × 9 D   cm
Weight0.5 kg
Type of artsculpture
Type of packagingwooden box
modesculpturebronzeartcontemporary artstuttgartmercedes

Description of the Artwork “STUTTGART‘S STARS”

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In this captivating sculpture, Jivko Sedlarski transcends the traditional material of bronze to bring a unique artistic vision to life. Rooted in the innovation and prestige of the Mercedes brand (, this work evokes the strength and elegance that characterize not only the famous vehicles but also the city of Stuttgart itself. The use of black granite bases gives the piece a striking contrast, highlighting the shiny metal of the bronze. This sculpture fascinates with its blend of modern art and symbolism, offering an abstract and powerful representation of Mercedes heritage.


Original sculpture, 8×18 cm, 2015
Number of limited edition copies: 50
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About the artist

The mind and imagination of Jivko Sedlarski are in constant ferment. His sources of inspiration are multiple. A fan of contemporary art, he creates his works (paintings, sculptures, installations) from the most diverse materials, from the most "classic" (paper, cardboard, gouache, acrylic, granite) to the most unexpected (steel, resin, plastic, women's tights, electric light, human body). If he does not wait for commissions to implement his inspiration, he knows how to put his talent to good use to respond to all requests that aim to integrate art into our living environment, whether through commissions public: public squares (Bonneville la Structure), rivers (Entre Terre & Eau), establishments (Geneva library, Rennes station) or private commissions: granite sculpture at the edge of a swimming pool (Le Cube), metal tree in the middle of a forest (Le Grand Arbre Bleu), stylized fireplace in a house. The possibilities offered by Contemporary Art and the inspiration of Jivko Sedlarski are limitless! Whether you have an idea or not, come visit him and talk to him about what you like, your tastes, your feelings, your projects, your perception of art, the place you want to give it in your life and how. He will welcome you with generosity, guide you and devote all his energy and sensitivity to creating the work of art that will give you the greatest emotion. Emmanuel Frin

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