In the beginning was the Word Sculpture - Hleb Zyuzkov

In the beginning was the Word

Hleb ZyuzkovRussia
Original sculpture, 120×70 cm, 2022
Not for sale
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Characteristics of the Sculpture “In the beginning was the Word”

Year of creation2022
Dimensions120 W × 70 H × 6 D   cm
Type of artsculpture

Description of the Artwork “In the beginning was the Word”

Automatic translation

God and Seraphim Artistic woodcarving. Description: The Creator is depicted in His classic medieval image - an old man. Seraphim, as an executor of the will of God, holds a lantern in his right hand - a symbol of Eternal Life, in his left - an hourglass, symbolizing death and decay. The Lord guides with His right hand on the true path - striving for Eternal Life. Seraphim's eyes are closed, because even the highest angelic ranks are blinded by His Light. Below in the corners of the picture are the letters of the classical (Ionic) Greek alphabet Alpha and Omega (which are the name of God in the Book of Revelation of John the Theologian, symbols of God as the beginning and end of all things). The title of the painting (the first phrase from the Gospel of John) is marked at the top. The word Logos (translated from other Greek: God, Law, Meaning, Reason, Thought, Idea) is exactly above the head of the Almighty. In the upper right corner - the Orthodox eight-pointed cross - a symbol of orthodox Christianity.

About the artist
Hleb Zyuzkov

Hleb Zyuzkov, Russia

I am not an artist, I am a doctor of medical sciences, a professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a specialist in the field of regenerative medicine and pharmacology, but this activity is infinitely small for the internally required at least slightly satisfying feeling of the possibility of formalizing the chaos of the surrounding world. And, apparently, through painting I am looking for a way out - answers to questions that have not yet been asked (not formulated for myself, but clearly intuitively tangible) questions. I picked up paints and brushes for the first time in 2019.

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