Rapunzel (ambient lamp) Sculpture - Imagynoyo
Rapunzel (ambient lamp) Sculpture - Imagynoyo
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Characteristics of the Sculpture “Rapunzel (ambient lamp)”

Year of creation2023
Dimensions21 W × 27 H × 21 D   cm
Weight2 kg
Type of artsculpture
MaterialsMixed method

Description of the Artwork “Rapunzel (ambient lamp)”

Automatic translation

Evoking the magic of stories of princesses and princes, this mood lamp brings the fantasy of Rapunzel's castle to reality. Crafted with a fervent respect for the environment, it uses recycled and recyclable materials to model every detail, except the captivating lighting and inspiring figures. The integration of USB wiring and a switch makes it easy to envelop any space in a mystical atmosphere. Inspired by the vast imagination of the artist Imagynoyo, this unique creation from 2023 not only serves as a light source but as a portal to an allegorical world, ensuring safe shipping.

Rapunzel (ambient lamp)

Original sculpture, 21×27 cm, 2023
Original artwork with a certificate of authenticity
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About the artist

Imagynoyo, Spain

New artist. I found my calling after a long time working in various jobs. My productions are the fruit of my imagination. I work with recycled and/or recyclable materials.

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