King's spirit Sculpture - Maxim Raznotsvetov
King's spirit Sculpture - Maxim Raznotsvetov
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Characteristics of the Sculpture “King's spirit”

Year of creation2020
Dimensions70 W × 100 H × 30 D   cm
Type of artsculpture
MaterialsMixed method

Description of the Artwork “King's spirit”

Automatic translation

The Lion King Spirit is an ancient and powerful spirit that is the guardian of everyone. The king's spirit is powerful, looking at him you get his blessing. The king is watching everything that happens in the world. The great spirit protects, glorifies and helps to master his power. And also, the lion is used as a symbol, the lion is a symbol of greatness and wisdom, courage and power, fertility and power, protection and patronage. And you can still enumerate many excellent qualities of this truly majestic "King of beasts". The inspiration for the creation of this work was just all these numerous descriptions of this powerful animal.

King's spirit

Original sculpture, 70×100 cm, 2020
Original artwork with a certificate of authenticity
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About the artist

Razotvetov Maxim Vasilievich, was born on December 21 in the north of Lake Baikal, Irkutsk region, in the small village of Magistralny. Parents, originally fr om the Novosibirsk region, in their youth left for the construction of BAM, where they stayed and three children were born there. He was a faithful companion of his older brother and the nanny of his younger sister. Father is a builder and driver; mother is a seamstress. At school age, he attended various circles and sections: a theater club, a music school, sports sections, mixed martial arts. But in the future, he did not continue in any direction. In the secondary school he participated in various artistic directions, drew wall newspapers, painted the walls of the school, participated in regional competitions. Already in high school, a children's art school was opened in the village, wh ere I went to study. There he learned the basics of fine arts. The environment, the extraordinary beauty of the BAM nature, the immense taiga and the beauty of the snowy mountains of northern Baikal also influenced creativity. After graduating from a comprehensive school and a children's school, he went to Novosibirsk. I entered the art school at the faculty of advertising design. I did not get carried away with computer creativity, I entered the Institute of Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts and DPI in correspondence form. In parallel, I got a job at a funeral agency as an engraver, engraving on stone - portraits, and engraving on metal. In the same place he tried his abilities in the sculpture of marble sculptures. In the same organization he was transferred to another position, to the Museum of World Funeral Culture - artist, restorer. He took an active part in the development of the museum. He restored many exhibits, and created many works of fine art, art objects, sculptures, props. Participated in the organization of numerous events and exhibitions. He graduated from the museum as a deputy of the museum. At the moment, he directed all his activities to art. In the personal development of artistic skills, I am constantly looking for and studying new technologies, styles, trends. I love to create, paint pictures, sculpt sculptures. I splash out my inner impressions in different creative ways. I devote most of my time to oil painting and relief paintings.

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