Kailash Painting by Valeria Radzievska - Jose Art Gallery
Kailash Painting by Valeria Radzievska - Jose Art Gallery
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Original artwork, 60×50 cm, 2016
The artwork has been sold
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Characteristics of the Painting “Kailash”

Year of creation2016
Dimensions60 W × 50 H × 1.5 D   cm
Type of artpainting
Materialsoil, canvas
Type of packagingcardboard box

Description of the Artwork “Kailash”

Oil, canvas, 2016

About the artist

Valeria Radzievska was born in Kyiv, Ukraine. Drew from childhood without education and teachers. "First there were drawings mostly with pencils - as the easiest way to give shape to my imaginary images. Later, I realized that I can visualize life, see it in colors and shapes. More later, I recognized that the colors and shapes of the nature are the greatest perfection of the surrounding reality. They have variance, peace, sadness, silence, catharsis, mystery and story. I have been working with the words for a long time. I studied literature and worked as a journalist. Until I allowed myself to express feelings and outlook using paints. In April 2015 I took a piece of paper and a few pieces of dry pastels and painted clouds. They hadn't been given rest to my mind for a few weeks: it was a spring "exodus" of clouds from the sky. They moved like a great winter blanket. And they were shined by the sun. Since then I've been painting on canvas with oil paints. For me it is a process of deep communication with myself and the world. I studied art of oil painting privately with Ukrainian artists whose art inspired me to study the form and color. I paint the most perfect forms created by nature - the sea element, people, plants. Everything in which there is primal wildness, freedom, and therefore beauty. I love the play of the sun on human face, flower petals and water. I like to look for my own memories on unfamiliar streets or forest roads. Splashes of paint on canvas bring me back to that reality. Portrait is a special sphere. The most important are eyes for me. Too alive, too talkative. I would call my art aesthetic. There is an important health effect in this. Forms around are no less deep then our subconscious. They give some code a harmonious organization. Tuning in to this algorithm we can bring harmony back into our inner world". Artworks by Valeria Radzievska are in private collections in Ukraine, Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom, Sweden and the USA.

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