Antiportrait Drawing - Nikola Dimitrovic - Jose Art Gallery

Characteristics of the Drawing “Antiportrait”

Year of creation2018
Dimensions140 W × 180 H × 0.1 D   cm
Type of artdrawing

Description of the Artwork “Antiportrait”

When we talk about portrait, we consider someone's representation, overall picture on human face or figure posing or in some act. A portrait tends to describe a person's character, physical and emotional. Now place yourself in one land in Middle East and try to depict a portrait of a woman in burka. What can you see? Does that woman have a beautiful smile? What is the color of her hair? Does she have a birthmark above her lips? Does she look sad? What can you read on her face? That fabric barrier is imposing as a portrait instead of a woman. The two have become same and the question of a woman's identity has become more complex than understanding the origins of wearing a burka. This is a portrait without portrait, this is a portrait of a beautiful fabric with astonishing hand crafted ornaments and shine, but deprived of a woman's own identity.


Original drawing, 140×180 cm, 2018
Original artwork with a certificate of authenticity
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About the artist

Hello, I am a human, a son, a brother, a lover, a friend, an artist. I try to live my art as much as I can, but sometimes life is too intrusive, therefore I'm always searching for that bridge to connect both spheres and try to understand their purposes. As for now, art has been proven the best way to understand life through and vice-versa. There is no particular style that I use creating artworks, only searching for the most suitable way to bring ideas to life through any kind of materialization, hence opening doors to the visual. My artistic opus consists of visual language and presentations which sometimes resembles diaries and mostly contains prevailing attitudes about the world, people, life and death, about God and sex. I am preoccupied with an array of external influences which reflect on a human being and shape their universally acceptable identity to some extent. The identity which we carry as a burden, not as a regular and true part of ourselves. These influences most often have a cultural, religious and social character. With the expressiveness of black color I try to offer the observer the opportunity to see, experience and feel freedom, to be brave and liberated for regular examination. By experimenting with material, technique and topics I display my own rhythm and dynamics, trying to initiate development and establish the openness of thought which could ultimately enrich the observer's spirit.

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