Drawing "Antiportrait" | Artist Nikola Dimitrovic | Jose Art Gallery
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When we talk about portrait, we consider someone's representation, overall picture on human face or figure posing or in some act. A portrait tends to describe a person's character, physical and emotional. Now place yourself in one land in Middle East and try to depict a portrait of a woman in burka. What can you see? Does that woman have a beautiful smile? What is the color of her hair? Does she have a birthmark above her lips? Does she look sad? What can you read on her face? That fabric barrier is imposing as a portrait instead of a woman. The two have become same and the question of a woman's identity has become more complex than understanding the origins of wearing a burka. This is a portrait without portrait, this is a portrait of a beautiful fabric with astonishing hand crafted ornaments and shine, but deprived of a woman's own identity.

Size:   140 W x 180 H x 0.1 D   cm
Year of creation: 2018
Original artwork, available in 1 copy
$2,251 USD
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From Nikola Dimitrovic , Serbia
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