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SHARDS Painting by Oleksandr Balbyshev - Jose Art Gallery
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This is an oil painting on the found soviet-era portrait of Lenin. Unframed painting is 100 x 80 cm. In 2015 the Ukrainian government banned all symbols and images associated with the USSR. But numerous oil portraits, sculptures, monuments and other images of Lenin began to be removed from public places decades before the "decommunization laws". What happened to the hundreds of thousands portraits of former Soviet leader? Many of them are already destroyed. Some of them had been left in attics or basements. Oleksandr is looking for all these forgotten things and giving them a new life and a new artistic content.

Description of the Painting "SHARDS":

Materials oil/canvas
Size95.5 W × 116 H × 6 D   cm
Year of creation2019
Genre Portrait
Style Pop Art
The artwork has been sold
Oleksandr Balbyshev
From Oleksandr Balbyshev , Ukraine
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