Journey to the Sky: Soaring Ambitions Photography - Jessica Prautzsch
Journey to the Sky: Soaring Ambitions Photography - Jessica Prautzsch
Journey to the Sky: Soaring Ambitions – buy
Journey to the Sky: Soaring Ambitions – photography

Characteristics of the Photography “Journey to the Sky: Soaring Ambitions”

Year of creation2013
Dimensions60 W × 60 H × 0.5 D   cm
Type of artphotography
Type of packagingart tube

Description of the Artwork “Journey to the Sky: Soaring Ambitions”

A woman levitating, hands stretched out to the sky. Seagulls flying around her, as if they were about to take her with them up in the sky. There is a longing expression lingering on her face, will her wish come true? Dark clouds are waiting above her head and a big flock seagulls is ready to accompany her. The artwork will be shipped as a rolled high quality Fine Art Giclée print. Other sizes and printing methods upon request, just send me a message. This image is part of my series "My heart is a dark forest" -a collection of visual poetry, a journey that began over a decade ago. These photographs emerged from a deeply personal exploration that initially visualised the pain of a lost love, moving through waves of grief, anger and despair before finally reaching acceptance. They stand as silent testimonies to the healing process of my heart. Over time, the original collection evolved to include a new element: the desire to find a sense of belonging and the inner peace and tranquility

Journey to the Sky: Soaring Ambitions

Original photo, 60×60 cm, 2013
Number of limited edition copies: 25
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Artwork in the interior

About the artist

Jessica was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. With a bachelor's degree in Communications Design (2011), her career as a freelance visual designer and photographer is distinguished by a unique blend of artistic disciplines, which she aptly describes as being a 'creative alchemist.' At the heart of her work is her own design studio, where imagination meets reality. Jessica's expertise isn't confined to design; her passion for photography has led to her works being showcased in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Her photographic style, characterised by its fine art approach, has earned recognition and several awards. Her approach to design and photography is not just about creating visuals but about telling stories that resonate. Whether it's through the lens of her camera or a digital stroke, she captures moments and emotions that speak volumes. Jessica's art is slow, the epitome of a captured moment. It is grounded and warm. Visual poetry that makes you feel like you are wrapped in a soft warm blanket. She sees her artwork as an ongoing journey, a continuous exploration of the depths within. Her work is like a ray of light that breaks open the shell of a nut and shines through the crack into the little cave inside.

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