MELANCHOLY Painting by Atom Hovhanesyan - Jose Art Gallery
MELANCHOLY Painting by Atom Hovhanesyan - Jose Art Gallery
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Characteristics of the Painting “MELANCHOLY”

Year of creation2017
Dimensions76 W × 122 H × 3.8 D   cm
Type of art painting
Style expressionism
Genre still-life
Materialsoil, canvas

Description of the Artwork “MELANCHOLY”

"Started to be part of the post divisionism series, but I really liked the mood of the figure so let it go, kind of a one off..." "Influenced by post impressionism with cubist approach to composition. The goal here is to utilize the whole surface of the support challenging the viewer’s perception of negative space. Essentially divisionism, the figure/composition is woven in to the fabric of the plane and space warps in to the figure. In the painting process repetitive almost automatic application of the crosshatched lines allows the subconscious the opportunity to direct the composition, there is a tension between the desire to hide vs. the need to reveal, conflict between subconscious and self-conscious." From Atom's notebook.


Atom HovhanesyanUnited States
Original artwork, 76×122 cm, 2017
Original artwork with a certificate of authenticity
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About the artist
Atom Hovhanesyan

Atom Hovhanesyan, United States

https://theonlymagicleftisart.tumblr.com/tagged/Atom%20Hovhanesyan https://www.clioartfair.com/post-xdjxn/art-and-drama-creativity-and-pain https://artiholics.com/2020/09/07/gone-too-soon-yet-explored-a-new-era-of-art https://www.artdealerstreet.com/single-post/2020/06/25/crossing-a-line-an-appreciation-of-atom-hovhanesyan-s-artistic-endeavour