Blessed Giovarnna, Mystical Expression Painting by Lena Gal

Blessed Giovarnna, Mystical Expression

Lena GalPortugal
Original artwork, 30×30 cm, 2023
Original artwork with a certificate of authenticity
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Characteristics of the Painting “Blessed Giovarnna, Mystical Expression”

Year of creation2023
Dimensions30 W × 30 H × 2 D   cm
Type of artpainting
Stylecontemporary art
Materialsacrylic, canvas
Type of packagingwooden box
sketchdesignrepresentationmethodmaskportraitheadfirsteyesexpressionadultcoveringpersonattractivefor that

Description of the Artwork “Blessed Giovarnna, Mystical Expression”

Automatic translation

Lena Gal's work, created in 2023, is intended to be a contemporary representation of religious themes through painting. The artist uses a composition that explores expression and identity, representing a female figure that dialogues with spirituality. The work is marked by strong contrasts and a palette that varies between shades of black, standing out for its texture and detail.

Artwork in the interior

About the artist
Lena Gal

Lena Gal, Portugal

LENA GAL, nasceu a 7 de Junho de1957 nos Fenais da Ajuda, Concelho da Ribeira Grande, S. Miguel Açores.. A sua pintura vem da sua vivência e das memórias com forte ligação á terra, á ilha onde nasceu, ao universo feminino, mulheres da ilha, das brumas ,mulher da terra pulsante, força vulcânica mulheres Terra Mãe. É uma pintura de comunicação emocional com perfis sociólogos da importância do feminino no entendimento humano

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