It's Spring At Last Painting by Victoria Trunova
It's Spring At Last Painting by Victoria Trunova
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It's Spring At Last – painting

Characteristics of the Painting “It's Spring At Last”

Year of creation2017
Dimensions86 W × 122 H × 3 D   cm
Type of artpainting
Materialsacrylic, wood
Framingthe artwork is sold with framing
Type of packagingcardboard box

Description of the Artwork “It's Spring At Last”

Constrained by health challenges, Victoria found herself confined indoors during the colder months. Her eager anticipation for spring is beautifully depicted in this artwork. As the season finally arrives, a scene unfolds—nature awakening from its winter slumber, sprouting forth from the dark grounds. This piece is profoundly personal, a canvas imbued with the artist's deep emotions.

It's Spring At Last

Original artwork, 86×122 cm, 2017
Original artwork with a certificate of authenticity
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Artwork in the interior

About the artist

Victoria was born in 1958 in Kharkiv, Ukraine, which was part of the USSR at the time. She was a representative of the 'Ukrainian New Wave' art movement, which emerged as a response by Soviet youth to years of artistic repression in the Soviet Union and as a consequence of the liberalization of Soviet society. The artist drew inspiration from classical avant-garde, Western modernism, and post-modernism. Victoria Trunova passed away at her home/studio in Kharkiv, Ukraine, on July 7, 2023.

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