Female nude watercolor Painting by Iryna Poperechna

Characteristics of the Painting “Female nude watercolor”

Year of creation2022
Dimensions25 W × 25 H × 33 D   cm
Type of artpainting
Materialswatercolor, paper
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Description of the Artwork “Female nude watercolor”

Female nude watercolor painting. Available as a fine art print. Artist: Iryna Poperechna.

Female nude watercolor

Original artwork, 25×25 cm, 2022
Not for sale
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About the artist

Hey, I`m Ira. I am an artist from Ukraine. I have 5 year experience in creating artworks in watercolor and oil. Painting for me is a way to fell and understand people through art. I like to capture their facial expressions and body lines. I like to emphasize their inner and outer beauty. I paint mainly with oil and watercolor, catch emotions and fix them on canvas or paper. The palette of my paintings mostly is bright but sometimes I prefer to paint in black and white because that kind of artworks have special vibes.

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