Thief of hearts Painting by Iryna Bohdanova
Thief of hearts Painting by Iryna Bohdanova
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Thief of hearts

Iryna BohdanovaUkraine
Original artwork, 100×80 cm, 2021
Original artwork with a certificate of authenticity
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Characteristics of the Painting “Thief of hearts”

Year of creation2021
Dimensions100 W × 80 H × 2.5 D   cm
Type of artpainting
Materialsoil, canvas
Type of packagingcardboard box
fantasymagicfairytaleloveIrina BogdanovaOil paintingIryna BohdanovaOil painting

Description of the Artwork “Thief of hearts”

Automatic translation

One day I had a dream that I was in a beautiful, but very dark house, in which there were many girls. This house was carried on its back by a giant, illuminating its path with many fires enclosed in a staff, from which it became light around, like during the day. I asked the girls: why is it so dark in this house, why is there no light? They answered me: there is no light in this house, because our light is our hearts, which were stolen by the Heart Thief. He illuminates his path with them, and we have nothing more to light our house with. I spent a lot of time with these girls. I often looked out the window watching the landscape change, but everything was the same in the house, nothing changed, it was beautiful, but dull and dark. And the longing for my heart began to overcome me more and more every day. One day, I plucked up my resolve and called my heart back. And the heart returned. Bright lights danced along the walls of the house, illuminating everything around, and I realized that it was not as beautiful as it seemed to me before. I saw that the house was old, full of dust, and cramped, and suddenly I realized that I had nothing more to do in it. Firmly clutching my light in my hands, I climbed out of the window along the rope to meet the unknown and freedom, inhaling the fresh night air with full breasts. I was determined to go my own way, no matter how scary and difficult... When I woke up, I realized what the dream was about. I realized that it is not worth living only in memories - there is no light in them, like in that dark house, that they can seem more beautiful than they really are. And I also realized that if your heart was stolen, you need to find the strength in yourself to return it back, and go your own way, illuminating your path with your heart.

Artwork in the interior

About the artist

Irina Bogdanova is an artist from Ukraine. The artist lives and works in Kyiv. Irina creates bright fantasy and fairy-tale scenes in a realistic style. Among the artist’s works, it is worth noting the fairy-tale series “Country of Kind Hearts,” dedicated to Ukrainian children, which began with the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Despite all the horror that happened in Ukraine, this series carries faith and hope for good and bright things. In 2003, the artist began work on a new collection, “Star Love,” these are bright paintings dedicated to love under different zodiac signs. The heroes of the paintings are embodied in modern fantasy images against the backdrop of a shining circle, which symbolizes the unity of two hearts.

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