Song of the Swan Lake Painting by Ekaterina Nikitina

Song of the Swan Lake

Original artwork, 120×150 cm, 2022
Not for sale
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Characteristics of the Painting “Song of the Swan Lake”

Year of creation2022
Dimensions120 W × 150 H × 3 D   cm
Type of artpainting
Stylepop art
Materialsoil, canvas
artistNikitina Ekaterina

Description of the Artwork “Song of the Swan Lake”

Automatic translation

Ekaterina Nikitina is an artist working with the national epic. In artistic practice, he refers to the hypertrophied image of heroes and their bright beauty. She creates her own iconography, working with metaphorical images in narrative works.

About the artist

“I believe in beauty. I pray to her. She is my religion, which I am filled with " Ekaterina Nikitina (Katyusha) is a Russian artist whose paintings have been exhibited at all-Russian and international exhibitions. She creates her own imagery language that interprets the balance between spiritual and physical existence. This is exactly the harmony to which she aspires. - I do not create copies of my works and do not make prints so that you have the opportunity to be the only owner of the original painting.

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