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Taste of the exotic Painting by Anatoly Kost - Jose Art Gallery
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Taste of the exotic

Idea This picture is a transformation of music on canvas, so it is accompanied by: Visiomix - Fausto Papetti. With the help of abstraction, all logical concepts arise. The process of distraction (abstraction) from certain characteristics of the object, while the observed object is replaced by its idealized theoretical form - an abstract object. Listening to Fausto Papetti, the viewer should feel the taste of colors, feel all the unusual contrasts and world perception of the picture. Concept The painting "Taste of exotic" by the outstanding Ukrainian artist Anatoliy Kost (Kostiuk). The picture was painted in 2004 in the artist's Volyn workshop and was presented at many exhibitions. First of all, this picture belongs to the Triptych "Paradise Returned", which was presented at the exhibition in the National Art Museum of Ukraine. The artist adheres to the concept of the process of transmuting the energy of abstract art into the energy of music or choreography and vice versa, emphasizing their mutual polyphonic nature. Masterpieces of world musical classics and choreography are a significant factor in the inspiration of his work, which became the basis for defining a personal philosophical direction in abstraction, namely contemp-abstraction (a plastic representation of his inner state). Anatoliy Kost used the slogan ArtHouse abstraction (derived from ArtHouse cinema) as a category of artistic form of communication with the viewer, through the formalization of the concept of Viѕiozong (a composition of several works), as an illustrated accompaniment to a musical or choreographic action. FULL BIOGRAPHY AND OTHER WORKS OF THE ARTIST CAN BE OBTAINED ADDITIONALLY.

Description of the Painting "Taste of the exotic":

Materials oil/canvas
Size80 W × 60 H × 0.5 D   cm
Year of creation2007
Genre Interior
Style Abstract
Original artwork, available in 1 copy
$4,220 USD
Anatoly Kost
From Anatoly Kost , Ukraine
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