Prima ballerina Painting by Vanda Orlova - Jose Art Gallery
Prima ballerina Painting by Vanda Orlova - Jose Art Gallery
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Prima ballerina

Vanda OrlovaUkraine
Original artwork, 40×60 cm, 2022
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Characteristics of the Painting “Prima ballerina”

Year of creation2022
Dimensions40 W × 60 H × 2 D   cm
Type of artpainting
Stylecontemporary art
Materialsacrylic, canvas
Type of packagingcardboard box
interior paintingpainting in the interiorpainting on canvaspainting for officepainting for living roompicture for the hallpainting for interiorpainting in the interior

Description of the Artwork “Prima ballerina”

Automatic translation

A series of paintings on the theme "Ballet" The meaning of the picture is that what we see as lightness and weightlessness is actually super hard work. That's why I wrote a ballerina in the image of a dandelion that has ripened and is ready to scatter its little feathers. Such a light, at first glance, dancer, who is like a ripe dandelion, circling the stage. But behind this ease lies very hard and persistent long work. 🌼You imagine that difficulties are a dandelion... Blowed lightly - clean place at once. Life will put someone where the full stop is... Silent work is better than pompous phrases! © Oksana Smetanyuk The painting "Prima Ballerina" will emphasize the character of the one who will have it in the interior. The deep velvet black color of the base of the painting seems to emphasize all the tenderness and at the same time great work of the prima ballerina. The work uses mother-of-pearl paint (unfortunately not visible in the photo), which makes the silhouette of the puffy tutu shimmer and creates the illusion of movement. 40x60 cm, canvas on a stretcher, acrylic.

Artwork in the interior

About the artist
Vanda Orlova

Vanda Orlova, Ukraine

Congratulations! My name is Vanda Orlova, and I am a self-taught artist from Ukraine, a participant in the Jackson's Art Prize 2024 International Competition for Beginner Artists (UK), The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition 2024 (USA), the BBA Artist Prize International Competition 2024 (Berlin, Germany) and International Art Competition by Art Maze Mag (UK). I am sincerely waiting for MY art manager (curator), with whom we will "blow off the roof" of the art environment 💞🤝 I really like to draw and I am frankly tired of the managerial work that I have been doing for more than 25 years, managing marketing projects and teams in them. Currently, my paintings participate in exhibitions, competitions, Art Tours in Europe and are in many private collections in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Greece, Italy, USA, Canada. etc. My journey into the world of art began in 2021, when an inner desire to create turned into a purposeful exploration of my artistic consciousness. My works are made on canvas with oil and acrylic, sometimes with the use of texture pastes. Each work is an attempt to convey life's values through the beauty of the world. I often get inspiration from music and experiment with colors, shapes and textures. My creative process is a search. Looking for a method to visualize an idea, I experiment with different techniques, materials and combinations of ideas. I pay a lot of attention to color, experimenting with a limited palette. Searching for my own color shades and compositions constantly keeps me on my toes. In my work, I do not aim to depict an exact visual reality, but instead combine different materials, use colors, shapes and gestures to achieve the desired effect. I didn't graduate from art universities - I just drew all my life. My life was and is my professor. Sometimes cruel, sometimes kind and gentle. My creative process of creating a painting is a search. Searching for a method of visualizing an idea. First, in my head - I see the main plot and roughly have an idea of the general plan of the picture. Then I apply possible combinations of shapes, colors and textures to it. It happens that in the process of working on a picture, new ideas appear. Then elements and even characters that were not in the initial idea appear on the canvas. Sometimes the solution does not come immediately. Then I leave the canvas for a certain time. However, the search for an answer always remains in my mind. And after some time she comes. I can hear, see, or read something and it leads me to the answer I'm looking for. That is why I often have not one, but several paintings at once in my work. And I constantly think about each of them until I finish working on it. I like to experiment in my paintings. In each of my paintings, I develop - through new techniques, materials, a combination of ideas and images. I attach great importance to work with color. Most of my paintings are painted using a limited palette - only 5 basic colors! I like to find and create my own color shades. Searching for my compositions of colors, shades, constantly keeps me in good shape. I want you, looking at my paintings, to feel not only my presence, but also the idea I want to convey to you.

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